Services and rates

Drill Press is all about good words. We offer editing and proofreading services to businesses, writers, designers, publishers, creatives and Old World monkeys.

The type of editing you are looking for will depend on your writing project and on what stage of your project you’re at.

Proofreading: This is a final check for basic grammar and spelling, typographical errors, omitted words and consistency. Proofreading usually takes place once the formatting is finished. Even professional writers – no, wait, especially professional writers – use a proofreading service, as misspelled words can really undermine the perceived quality of a piece of work.

Copy editing: This is where an editor checks the work before it is put into its final format. As copy editors, we look for consistency, style, and logic in the writing. A copy edit can also include fact-checking and superficial structural advice.

Structural editing: Whether you are writing a novel, a presentation or a screenplay, it can be valuable to work with an editor on the shape of your work. Structural editing takes a long, hard look at what you have written where, and why. This can help your ideas and writing to flow more freely.  You may need a small amount of structural assistance, or an ongoing sounding board. Structural editing requires close reading, an open mind, a big-picture view and an eye on the industry, so it is important to find an editor that you trust.


Rates guide:

Our standard charge is $60 NZD per hour (+GST, if any).

As a rough guide, structural editing takes longer than copy editing, and copy editing takes longer than proofreading. An editor can proofread around 2000 words of text in an hour. For structural editing, it’s around 1000 words an hour.  

This can vary depending on the state and complexity of your text, so we’re happy to give you a more specific quote when you send us your work.

We work in old skool and most modern formats – we are happy to receive and work with documents submitted as hard copies or by email.

We also offer layout, illustration and publishing services. Please email us for further details on